How was it? - Mindful Nourishment: Eat, Drink, Be Well.

Food is a nutritional support system for any organism. In this workshop we were exploring the art of eating mindfully for self-nurturing, our relationship with food, and re-situate our need of self-nourishment. We aim to discover gratitude for the abundance of food and connect to all living beings that are bringing food onto our tables. Mindful Eating is about restoring a more happy and healthier relationship with food. It is not directed by charts, tables, pyramids, scales or an expert. In the process of learning to eat mindfully, we replace self- criticism with self-nurturing, anxiety with curiosity, and shame with respect for our own inner wisdom. Exploring how to nourish mindfully means taking a look at the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that we engage at the meal and in our entire life

About Meaning Quotient Events

Meaning Quotient brings together explorers of question, "what is being human?", to co-create a new meaningful society. Meaning Quotient events explores different facets of human emotions e.g. love, beauty, consciousness, and their impact on society through art and science. The events engage mind through intellectual discussions and body through embodied workshops, evoking new possibilities.

Meaning Quotient events are open to non-believers as well as adherents of all religions and non-specific spirituality. What is required is open mindedness, equanimity, and compassion for all humans and their diverse world views.

Meaning Quotient events are monthly evening events (18.30- 21.00), and are free of charge, intended towards cultural community building.



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