What is?

mindful eating

Core Concepts

We all eat - and we all eat mindlessly at times.  We might be in a hurry, socialising, or eating everything on our plate.  We might be eating to handle stress, not even really tasting it after the first few bites.


Mindfulness helps to connect the mind and the body, and move from reacting to responding. Mindfulness can help bring balance into every aspect of how we eat. It involves cultivating a combination of: 


  • inner wisdom - awareness of how our body and mind are responding 

    • knowing when we are hunger, we had enough

    • really tasting food


  • outer wisdom - engaging nutrition information and recommendations to meet your own personal needs and preferences

    • choosing food wisely

    • getting informed about nutritional value but

    • being flexible - end dieting forever!



Mindful Eating is:

• An opportunity to connect with present moment awareness -- pause, check-in, notice, evaluate, rate.

• Autonomy for any food, regardless of what type of food that is.

Choice and flexibility -- before, during and after a food choice is made.

• Promoting and acknowledging that all eating experiences are unique to the individual, situation, moment.

• Self-care

• Self-kindness

Non-judgment surrounding food and eating choices.

• Using the qualities of Mindfulness such as compassion and kindness using Mindful Eating mean we do NOT pathologise, stigmatise or shame individuals in larger bodies nor do we pathologise, promote, idealise, shame or compare individuals in smaller bodies.

• Mindful Eating promotes size acceptance.

• With Mindful Eating we have an opportunity recognise and celebrate the natural diversity of bodies and the importance that they are all worthy of compassionate self-care.


Mindful Eating is not another diet.

It offers tools not rules. It allows us to reconnect with our natural body and mind clues.

 Nourished Life 









There are eight aspects of ourselves – eight “bodies”—that need to be satisfied in order to live a fulfilling and sustainable life. Each has different needs.

What if we were living a life where we felt fully and well nourished?: 


emotionally, psychologically,

socially, spiritually,

intellectually, and creatively


We tend to think of food as nourishment for the body only, but we often overlook nourishing the other dimensions of our lives. Balanced eating and exercise are important. But if all the parts of ourselves are not taken care of we can feel empty and alone at the core.


We help you with tools, meditations, mindful practices, and step-by-step guidance, to create new patterns, to understand how it is to live a life that is fulfilling on all levels.

Source: Andrea Lieberstein, ourwellnourishedlife.com


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