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When hungry I eat. When tired I sleep.
Fools laugh at me. The wise understand. 


nurish mind

The purpose

We strongly believe that all have the capacity and internal resources to achieve physical and mental stability, find purpose and pursue it.


Our mission is to support your individual path towards well - being: fulfilled, healthy and happy life. ​​

The method

Compassion and kindness to support you in finding your path.



Ancient techniques of awareness, scientific knowledge and creativity.


Support of experts and institutions.  

The result

Ready to be creative?

Like to embrace life and feel in peace?

Want to connect and feel safe wherever you are?








Kasia Kopanska

Founder of Nurish Mind  & Mindful Eating Teacher

Kasia is a teacher of mindful eating based on Mindful Eating - Conscious Living (ME-CL) program and a biology scientist. She is a qualified teacher of mindfulness-based eating awareness training (MB-EAT). She was trained by Char Wilkins, Jan Chozen Bays, Dr Jean Kristeller, Andrea Liberstein, international experts in ME. Kasia holds a PhD in nutrition from the University of Cambridge.

She founded Nurish Mind to use her multidisciplinary approach with people who struggle with food, emotions, body image, or simply would like to re-discovered eating again and live more consciously. Her methods are based on bringing more perspective through creative playing, scientific education and compassionate support.

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Elodie Caucigh

Corporate Wellbeing Officer and Founder of REAL LIFE YOGA

Elodie brings her experience as a yoga teacher and former advertising professional to Nurish Mind, developing joint programs designed to improve employees’ wellbeing through movements, stretches, meditation and breathing techniques. Together with Nurish Mind, she aims to provide a complete spectrum of corporate wellbeing solutions, with the goal to set higher and more conscious standards for health at work.

Founder of REAL LIFE YOGA, she has developed a blend of accessible methods to manage stress and improve productivity in companies. Directly at the desk, with normal office clothes and without yoga mats. She demonstrates this at conferences in Zurich and in her recent interview with CNN Money Switzerland.

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Suzana Marvidis

Nutrition Collaboration

Suzana is a close collaborator of Nurish Mind providing the knowledge in human nutrition. She is a specialist in chrono-nutrition, the relationship between the circadian rhythm and food intake behaviour and metabolism.

She is the founder of NuWa and public health nutritionist with a PhD in nutrition from  Queen Margaret University. Currently, she works at Northumbria University at  Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre

She grew up in the middle-east where the burden of malnutrition continues to impact society. Her ambition is to nourish the world through her knowledge.

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Sylwia Orczykowska

Visual and Design Collaboration

Sylwia is a creative bringing several years of experience within graphic design, art direction and visual productions worldwide. As a collaborative Art Director in Nurish Mind, she supports the original vision of the brand, manifesting it through traditional and digital channels of promotion. 
The presentation of her works is available at www.littleladyfunk.com. She has a degree in philosophy from the Nicolaus Copernicus University.  

Along with her passion for creation, she explores yoga workout, meditation and balanced diet on her route to well-being. She feels honoured to contribute to spreading mindful eating awareness in collaboration with Nurish Mind.

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